Tuesday , April 7 2020

The $136 billion breakup

New York: Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and the world’s wealthiest man,is breaking up with his wife. Divorce has captivated the attention that how will they split his fortune, estimated at $136 billion.

The new talk of the town, the internet giant will soon be divorcing his wife and questions are stirring up in masses’ mind. While his soon-to-be-ex have significantly big chunk of company stakes or how it would effect the way Amazon is running.

The couple met in early 90s when the Bezoses was hedge fund manager on Wall Street before he came out to be entrepreneur who changed the way how internet is used and how people should think. The couple was married soon after they met each other.

She was by his side during the rise and adventure of Amazon, from the humble beginnings in his Seattle garage in 1994 to its amazing success today. They have four children – three sons and an adopted daughter – almost all aged up to their late teens.

On Wednesday, when the couple finally broke out the news that they would divorce after long separation. The 48 year old, MacKenzie who is a novelist might bag the title of richest women of the world.

Sources tell that there was no prenuptial agreement – which could mean an even split of assets between the couple.

They couple was married in Florida in September 1993.

The couple has numerous residences: in Seattle, where Amazon is based, but also in Washington DC, Texas and Beverly Hills, California.

“Some states have community property, some states have equitable division which means fair division, but even in those states, it usually comes out 50-50. That’s the starting point,” he said. At mid-day Thursday, that stake stood at about $130 billion.

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