Sunday , May 31 2020

The Benefits of Deadly COVID-19 has Also Come Out


The COVID-19 has frightened almost all the countries of the world and the international economy is suffering due to the lockdown, but experts have revealed that after the outbreak, there are changes that are not seen in past. Just happy we needed them too.

All over the world, including Pakistan, where the negative effects of the Coronavirus were seen, the positive indications are also seen for the economy.


Medical experts around the world have urged people to wash their hands after every 15 minutes, because of this outbreak, citizens are regularly washing their hands, which is very important for good health.

Reduction in prices of petroleum products

The demand for petroleum products declined due to the closure of industries and the lockdown, which recorded a significant drop in the prices of petroleum products globally.

Significant reduction in air pollution

Production industries have been shut down in the countries where the Coronavirus has spread, while road transport is also close and this causes a reduction in air pollution.

Opportunities for learning at home

Various companies around the world announced the closure of offices to protect their employees and instructed employees to work from home. This can be helpful for people to learn more at home.

Recreation of visiting places and highways

The governments of different countries banned public gatherings to prevent Coronavirus, the same thing prevented citizens from going to visiting places. There is cleanliness from the public’s absence at the leisure sites while the streets and highways are also visible.

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28,377 people have died worldwide due to this deadly disease COVID-19 and 617,548 are confirmed cases in over 186 countries. While 137,336 patients have been recovered.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and health experts, only by adopting and social distancing and washing hands frequently, the world can fight the deadly virus.

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