Wednesday , May 27 2020

The “Do More” Mantra has been repeated once again by the USA


On Sunday morning, Alice Wells stated that The USA has appreciated the pragmatic steps which had been taken by Pakistani Govt against terrorism. However, they want that Pakistan should put more efforts to curb the terrorism in her soil.

These words were stated by Alice Wells in her tweet. Nowadays, “Alice wells” is acting as Assistant Secretary of USA State Department’s Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs.

Moreover, she admired the arrest of Hafiz Saeed –Leader of LeT- with his four fellows. Here, it is essential to tell you that Hafiz Saeed was arrested back in July in the same year and he had been judicial remand since July. However, the other four fellows have been arrested recently on the charge of terror financing.

It is a matter of fact that Pakistan is facing severe pressure from the world community. The sword of FATF has been hanging on the dangling economy of Pakistan. Pakistan is still in the grey list of FATF that can pose a severe challenge to the economy of Pakistan.

Such a pragmatic step –Arrest of LeT and other terrorist organizations- is the need of hour. Otherwise, Pakistan can face serious consequences in the world community.

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