Wednesday , January 29 2020

The transgender couple gave birth to a baby


London: A transgender couple gives birth in the UK, for which the sperm was also donated by a transgender.

According to Mail Online, 39-year-old Reuben Sharp, and his 27-year-old partner Jay, are from the British city of Brighton.

Reuben Sharpe was born prematurely, but 12 years ago, she changed her sex and became a man. A few years ago he met Jay, who was also a transgender. They both fell in love and decided to live their life together.

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Reuben Sharpe and Jay decided to have a baby about a year ago and appealed for a sperm donor on Facebook. In response to this appeal, a transgender woman, who was recently converted, donated her sperms to the couple. The doctor directly injected the specimen to the host uterus. Now they have a healthy child.


The mother said, Now I think we’re completed. Before giving birth to the child, I stopped taking the testosterone injection to become the host of a baby. Because of birth, our families are very happy.

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