Wednesday , January 29 2020

The US announces to send more troops to the Middle East

US troops

The US Department of Defense Pentagon has announced that 750 more US troops are being sent to the Middle East soon, given the circumstances created by the attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad.

On Tuesday, December 31, thousands of protesters attacked the US in Iraq‘s highly-secured Green Zone, protesters smashed outside the embassy, ​​set fire to the walls and set US flags on fire.

These violent protests were staged against the US forces strike on the pro-Iranian militia.

According to some reports, the protesters managed to enter the compound of the US Embassy and chanted the slogan “Dead America“.

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said in a statement, “US forces are being deployed as a precautionary measure against increased threats against US personnel and installations.”

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America will protect its people and interests anywhere in the world, “he added.
US troops are expected to be deployed in the next few days. Asper said in a tweet that the new forces deployed will be under the direct command of US President Donald Trump.

The 750 troops being deployed immediately will join the 14,000 US troops already stationed in the Gulf.

“They will have to pay a heavy price for it,” Trump said, pointing to Iran in a tweet on Tuesday. He also thanked Iraqi officials for helping the United States in the attack.

US fighter jets bombed the base of Hezbollah, the pro-Iran militia on Sunday, December 29 in which at least 25 fighters, including several key commanders of the organization, were killed and more than 50 wounded.

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