Friday , June 5 2020

The US blacklisted 28 Chinese companies for mistreating Muslims

28 chines banned

Washington: The United States blacklisted 28 Chinese companies on charges of mistreating Muslims in China.

The United States of America has blocked various companies of China from buying US-made goods on the grounds due to human rights abuses in Xinjiang. This will escalate tensions between both superpowers of globe. This happens just 3 days before the next round of talks of US-CHINA trade war. The banned companies include Hikvision and Dahua which make the surveillance equipment as well as Megvii and IFlytek which develop facial and voice recognition.

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The US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross announced that his department has banned 28 companies from China due to Human Rights Violations. These companies include 8 artificial intelligence technology companies and 20 others. These companies will require US suppliers to obtain a special license for selling their goods. Secretary Finance Wilbur Rose has said that the United States cannot and will not tolerate minority abuse in China.

Following the announcement that these companies would not be able to buy or sell products from US companies without federal government approval, China has expressed its deep concerns and reaction to the US move. China has called it an intervention in internal affairs and a violation of the fundamentals of global relations.








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