Saturday , February 22 2020

The US Senate limited War Power of President Trump

Donald Trump

The US Senate limited war power of  President Trump to block military action against Iran without Congress permission.

The US Senate has passed a resolution prohibiting military action against Iran without Congress permission.

The Senate has barred the US President Donald Trump from carrying out any military action against Iran.

The Senate voted 55 in favour of the resolution and 45 in the opposition, while 8 Republican senators also voted in favour of the resolution.

According to the resolution, the US president will have to get approval from Congress for any military action in the war against Iran, and the US troops involved in the offensive will be called back.

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US President has told the Senate not to approve any resolution of restricting his authority.

President Trump said in one of his tweets, “ The ratification of the resolution would be a very bad signal to Iran and Iran would continue to act without exception.

The US president said, “It is important for the security of our country that the US Senate should not vote in favour of a resolution on Iran war powers, we are doing very well with Iran, it is not time to show weakness.”

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