Wednesday , June 3 2020

The virus coming from India is more deadly than China and Italy: Nepal PM


Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has made an aggressive statement against India, saying that the virus coming from India looks more deadly than China and Italy.

According to NDTV, KP Sharma Oli, while addressing the parliament, accused India of spreading coronavirus in his country, saying, “Coronavirus is spreading in the country from people coming from India through illegal means.” While some local representatives and party leaders are responsible for bringing these people from India to Nepal without testing them.

“It has become very difficult to control the coronavirus due to people coming from outside and now the virus coming from India seems to be more deadly than China and Italy and many people are being affected by it,” he said.

The statement by the Nepal Prime Minister has angered Indian officials and has raised tensions over the inauguration of a new road between India and Nepal.

In his address to Parliament, KP Sharma Oli also reiterated his commitment that Nepal would reclaim the Kala Pani, Limpiadora and Lipulekh areas at all costs.

It may be recalled that the Cabinet of Nepal had recently approved a new political map which included Kala Pani, Limpiadora and Lipulekh as part of the country.

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