Wednesday , January 29 2020

The word ‘insha’Allah’ is included in the leading German dictionary


The Islamic word ‘insha’Allah’ has now been added as a German word in Germany’s best-known dictionary, Duden.

In this dictionary, the meaning of insha’Allah is listed as ‘If Allah wills’.

According to a German newspaper, Sputnik news report, the spelling of this ‘in-sha’ Allah was written as “İNSCHALLAH”.

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Currently, the word is only listed on the dictionary website, but no details about how long the print version will be issued.

The word insha’Allah is a frequently used word by the people of Islam which is called as a Dua in the hope of doing something good.

There are about 5 million Muslims in Germany and the second largest number of Muslims in Europe.

It should be noted that Duden is the most popular German dictionary, having been published since 1880, and now its 27th edition is coming out.

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