Friday , January 24 2020

The world will see new strategic weapons, Kim Jong warns US

kim jon

North Korea’s chief Kim Jong Un has said he is deferring the decision to suspend nuclear weapons and missiles capable of targeting long-range targets.

Kim Jong Un said that his country will soon introduce ‘a new strategic weapon’.

However, he said that he has left the door open for talks and says nuclear missile tests will depend on America’s “behaviour.”

The decision to suspend the experiments is now coming to an end and the reason is that the United States refuses to lift sanctions on North Korea.

The United States said that the sanctions will remain in place until North Korea completely abandons its nuclear program.

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It should be remembered that in the past, North Korea announced the suspension of nuclear and intercontinental ballistic weapons experiments and that declaration was on the basis of the dialogue between the two countries.

Speaking at an extraordinary meeting with the Workers Party on January 1, Kim Jong Un said North Korea was not obliged to hold the agreement as the United States continued military exercises with South Korea.

He warned in his statement that “in the near future,” the world will see new strategic weapons.”

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