Saturday , March 28 2020

They grab our Sisters by Breast, Burn our Quran: A Muslim calls for help from Delhi


The religious riots that started last week in the Indian city of Delhi that has left the city like a haunted place, are the most horrific riots in a decade.

Now a video surfaced on social media, in which a young man from Delhi telling the situation of Muslims in his town.

In the video, the man appeals and said, “ We are not sure if we stay alive tomorrow or die but no one is here to help the Muslims.”

“Hindus grab our sisters by breasts, They burn our mosque and Quran, We can bear everything but if they burn our Quran we will not spare them”, he further said in the video.

Living in an era of disgrace

Living in an era of disgraceBlood boils when one sees images of Muslims being tortured and their properties destroyed by marauding extremist Hindu mobs with full connivance of Modi regime.Their only crime they are Muslims.The impunity with which Muslims are being slaughtered without any fear of international retribution speaks volumes about the impotent leadership now leading most Islamic countries.If Pakistan had not sucked up to Modi after his brutal and illegal annexation of occupied Kashmir, Modi may not have taken his anti Muslim phobia to the next level.Tweeting alone on the issue is making a mockery of the unfolding tragedy.Pakistan must take the lead by severing economic, social, and political ties with India.When brothers are put to the sword and sisters raped, you don't count your pockets or look left and right for help. You do whatever it takes to save their life and honor.Nations are made in crisis by rising to the occasion and not by ducking behind mundane excuses.Living in disgrace is not worth living.

Posted by Akbar S Babar PTI (official) on Wednesday, 26 February 2020

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It should be noted that another mosque in the northeast of the Indian capital, New Delhi was burned yesterday.

The number of people killed in violent incidents in northeastern New Delhi’s capital has increased to 23, while at least 200 people have been injured in clashes between opponents and supporters of controversial citizenship law.

Authorities say many of the injured are in critical condition and the number of casualties may increase.

It is not surprising that the Delhi riots are being compared to the worst communal riots in India in the past.

In 1984, around 3,000 people were killed in anti-Sikh protests in the capital after the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was killed by his Sikh protector.

Burned prayer mats and a torn Koran:

What is happening now?

Muslim residents in Mustafabad leaving their homes with bags and bundles of their belongings, fearing further violence.

In 2002, a train fire in Gujarat killed more than a thousand people, mostly Muslims, following the death of 60 Hindu pilgrims. Prime Minister Modi was then Gujarat Chief Minister of the state.

In Delhi’s election campaign, Prime Minister Modi’s party launched a campaign to discriminate society by launching a controversial new citizenship law, eliminate Kashmir’s sovereignty and by building a new Hindu temple.

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