Saturday , May 30 2020

Three children killed as shell mortar exploded.

Three children died and two are brutally injured in Swat after mortar shell exploded while children were playing on it.

This incident took place in a village near swat Mata Tehsil. Children were playing with old Mortar shell in a field and all of a sudden it exploded. They were expecting that its some toy.

Two children died at the sport and three are severely wounded. The dead have been identified as Seven-years-old Anas and Sadesh and a five-years-old Muhammad Umar.

Nizam Ud din and Husnain were injured and shifted to Mata hospital.

The investigation has begun from the police side since its not a small case. These children have fallen prey to the War on terror remnants.  Old military tactics have taken their life.

These explosives should not have been littered around openly. They should be disposed off properly without harming any life further.

The children thought its some toy and were trying to  jump and open it up. Unfortunately, their childhood  is forever untarnished.

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