Monday , March 30 2020

Three family members killed in road accident in Sahiwal

Three killed and four injured belonging to the same family during a road accident in Sahiwal on Friday morning.

It is reported that all these seven family members were travelling back to home after they attended a wedding in Sahiwal.

All seven people belonged to the same family and rescue officials told that the major reason appears to be over-speeding during fog. The visibility was very low and the accident occurred of over-speeding.

The accident took place on Multan Road near Fattoo Morr, Rescue officials shortly came and took the bodies of the injured and took them to the DHQ Hospital.

Doctors have informed that injured are in no longer critical condition.

The deads have been identified as 43-year-old Kishwar Bibi, 25-year-old Aqeel and 12-year-old Naveed.

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