Monday , March 30 2020

Tic Tov video of Mufti Qavi surfaces on Social media


Looks like Religious scholar and former member of Ruet-i-Hilal Committee Mufti Abdul Qavi is back in spotlight, after his controversial video with transgender came out on popular app TikTok.

Mufti Qavi cab be seen as posing like a bodyguard with a transgender named Shanaya Gul. He has once again managed to get to the spotlight, after he was in almost two years back when his pictures with social media celebrity surfaced.

The scholar has earned huge lashing through social media for posting the video in which alongside her is a transgender

The transgender named Shanaya Gul, however clarified this through posting another video and explained that they met in a shopping mall where he was surrounded by many other people who were making pictures with him.

“I sought his approval for a TikTok video and he allowed me to pose beside him, what is wrong with it, I don’t know why our people take everything in a negative way,” said Shanaya Gul in the video.

It should be noted that back in the year 2016, Qavi’s controversial pictures became viral on social media with the model Qandeel Baloch and as a result of which he was suspended from the Ruet-i-Hilal Committee.

He was also questioned after the murder of social media personality and model Qandeel Baloch in July 2016.


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