Wednesday , February 26 2020

Today is the 68th day of curfew in the occupied valley of Kashmir


Today is the 68th day of Curfew by the Indian forces in Occupied valley of Kashmir. Kashmiris are forced to live in the worst of prisoners while Human Rights Watch has demanded to end the lockdown in IOK.

According to the details, the Indian army continues his brutality in the occupied valley. Kashmiris are imprisoned in homes from last 68 days. The Indian government has not taken any positive steps to control the situation in Kashmir.

Due to the closing of shops, food crisis has become critical. There is total communication blackout in the occupied valley of Kashmir. India has banned the use of the Internet and mobile phones in the valley. To avoid exposing its malicious face to world, India has also banned the media services in Kashmir.

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Meenakshi Ganguly, director of Human Rights Watch Asia, has said that there is no contact of Kashmiris’ with the outside world which is painful for us. She said that India should release all the detained persons and restore communication. Meenakshi Ganguly said that India is part of the global community if questions arise, then it has to be answered. There should be a deliberate investigation on this issue of Kashmir. It should be noted that on August 5, the Modi government abolished Article 370A of the Indian Constitution, which gave special status to Kashmir.

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