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Train tickets are going to be more expensive

Pakistan Railways has increased the fare by 10 to 19%. These new prices will be effective from December 7.

The Railway Ministry has made it official that prices of almost all the train tickets will escalate. Green line that runs from Karachi to Lahore has experienced a rise by Rs 540 and the new price is Rs. 5,880.

The ticket prices are increased by 10 to 19 % and this is effective from Dec 7, two days from now.

Karakoram Express fare has gone up too with the increase of Rs 170 and it now resides on Rs 1,820.

The percentage increase in the ticket price of  The Karachi Express, Business Express, Shalimar Express and Shah Hussain Express tickets have gone up by 12%.

Some of the trains like The Khyber Mail, Awami Express and Allama Iqbal Express have experienced the increased by 13% in the fares. The fare for the Sukkur Express and Tezgam Express has escalated by 15%.

How But the highest rise in fares is for the Pakistan Express train from Karachi to Rawalpindi. Its tickets have gone up by 19%. The prices are said to be sky-rocketed and is like another burden brought on the people.


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