Thursday , April 2 2020

Trump expressed desire to meet PM Imran: FO

Dr Mohammad Faisal, foreign office spokesperson confirmed on Thursday that US Senator Lindsey Graham – during his recent visit to Islamabad informed that US President Donald Trump has expressed his desire to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan.

While Foreign Office spokesperson was briefly reporting, he said that dates for the possible meeting between Washington and Islamabad have not decided yet.

He said that meeting between the two dignitaries is almost now unavoidable and pending visits have to be seriously schedules.

US Senator previously expressed that Trump has shown his desire to meet the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan

Referring to Israel, Faisal firmly stated that Islamabad will not alter its foreign policy towards Tel Aviv.

Foreign office spokesperson also said that there is no presence of any Daesh element in Punjab and he quickly added that Punjab CM and provincial government are already informed about this matter.

“It was disappointing that India in turn sent back two dates and said that Pakistan can send a delegation instead. Pakistan will send a stern reply soon,” Faisal stated.

While referring to the occupied Kashmir issue, the Foreign office said that India continues to violate cease-fire agreement and Indian forces are using pellet guns and ammunition to kill Kashmir Muslims mercilessly.

He said that this issue will seriously be projected in United Nations

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