Thursday , April 2 2020

Trump threatens to declare national emergency over border wall fight

Washington: US President Donald Trump has threatened again to declare a national emergency along the border with Mexico as he seeks funding for wall that will stop immigrants flowing into the country.

Trump is in latest fight with the congress to approve the bill for the Mexican wall, which he believes will stop the incoming of dubious immigrants, the parts of the government are shut down for 21-days.

Such declaration is worth challenge in the court, it would allow to sideline the confreres and divert the money for military projects to make the Mexican wall that has been the major focus of the nationalist party recently.

While talking to a private media channel, Trump bluntly said, “the absolute right to declare a national emergency.”

He nearly threatened and commented “see what happens” over the coming days.

Analysts are saying that hindrance against the wall budget is still there because the approach of president is eligible to be challenged in the court.

The closure of parts of the US government will set a record 22 days on this Saturday.

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