Tuesday , June 2 2020

Trump vetoes measure to end his emergency declaration on border wall

donald trump

WASHINGTON: United States (US) President Donald Trump has vetoed a joint purpose of Congress that required to dismiss his statement of a national emergency on the southern border with Mexico, the White House said on Tuesday.

Trump avowed the emergency to avoid Congress and take money already chosen for other plans to pay for the United State-Mexico border wall he assured to build during his 2016 operation.

Last month, the Democratic-led House approved the joint resolution by 236-174, as 11 Democrats and one independent joined Republicans to vote in favor.

The Republican-led Senate had approved the measure days earlier, by 54-41. Eleven of the Senate’s 53 Republicans joined Democrats favoring the resolution.

“The situation on our southern border remains a national emergency, and our armed forces are still needed to help confront it,” Trump said in his veto message.

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