Sunday , January 26 2020

United States officials confirm Israel air raid in Iraq

israel attack

(Web Desk): United States officials have confirmed that Israel was responsible for the bombing of a suspected Iranian weapons yard in Iraq last month, The Associated Press news agency reports.

The attack marks an important escalation in Israel’s years-long campaign against what it sees as Iranian military possessions in the area.

The authorization comes as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly veiled that his country was behind recent air raids that have hit bases and weaponries yard belonging to Iran-backed paramilitary forces working in Iraq.

The unknown attacks have not been claimed by any side and have left Iraqi officials scrambling for a reaction, amid strong conjecture that Israel may have been behind them.

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Earlier this week, the deputy head of the Iraqi Shia local militia, known collectively as the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), openly suspects Israeli drones of carrying out the attacks, but finally blamed Washington and threatened strong revenge for any future attack.

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