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US airstrike kills Chief Taliban leader in Afghanistan

Kabul: Senior Taliban Chief military commander is killed during airstrike by US in Afghanistan on Sunday.

‘Abdul Manan’ was taliban’s senior military governor in the South Helmand Province. He could not sustain the injuries inflicted during an airstrike late on Saturday and passed away the next day,.

A spokesperson of the Province Governor Omar Zwak reported this news.

The Taliban leader’s death was confirmed by a Taliban who stated it as a “big loss ” for the community but pledged that military operations will not be affected because of this.

Helmand is a region that grows largest opium crop and is under the extreme fighting for years and is controlled by Afghan Talibans. Abdul Manan is among those leaders who successfully led the insurgency group in many years.

Afghan interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish also confirmed his death and said that Abdul Manan’s death is a major blow.

“His death will lower the moral of the enemy, and result in (the) improvement of security in Helmand and other southern provinces,” Interior Military spokesperson said.

In addition to the leader 32 Talibans were also killed during the air strike on Saturday late night.

“The Taliban should consider intensifying peace talks, not the fight. They’re going to have trouble intensifying the fight when their fighters and leaders are under constant assault,” US Army Col. Dave Butler said in a statement.

The killing comes despite the efforts by Afghanistan and US officials to end 17-year long war

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