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US Defence Department rejected Trump’s statement targeting Iranian cultural sites


The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) rejected President Donald Trump’s statement, calling it a legitimate practice for the US military to target Iranian cultural sites despite international sanctions.

Defense Minister Mark Esper told reporters that the United States would adhere to international law for armed wars, according to the US news agency Associated Press (AP).

When asked if he was formally rejecting the statement targeting Iranian cultural sites? Esper replied in a straightforward way: “Of course these are the laws of the wars.”

US President Donald Trump has previously threatened to target Iranian cultural sites twice.

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Not only did he stick to this statement but he also appeared to defend it despite opposition from the Pentagon.

Talking to reporters on his return to Washington after vacationing in Florida on Sunday, the US president defended his statement: “They (Iran) are allowed to kill our people.” They are allowed to harass and cripple our people. They are allowed to plant roadside bombs and fly our people into these bombings. And we are not even allowed to touch their cultural sites? It won’t go on now. ”

He added that targeting the sites of Iranian cultural significance would be a legitimate process for the US military.

It is thought that Tehran’s reaction to the killing of Iranian Central Commander Qasem Soleimani in a US attack in Iraq on Friday was termed ‘state terrorism and violation of Iran’s sovereignty’.

On the other hand, Iranian-backed Shiite militias in Iraq have warned that they have all the options for retaliation.

According to foreign media, Iranian pro-Malaysia militants have threatened that if American citizens do not pressure their government to retake Iraqi troops, they will send American troops back in the coffins.

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