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US praises Imran Khan to ease the tensions with Iran

Imran Khan

WASHINGTON: A US State Department official has said that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is one of the leaders in the world who appeared to be engaged in off-ramp diplomacy to ease the recent tensions between Iran and the United States.

During a briefing on the current US-Iran dispute, the official said, “The off-ramp has been here for 3 years and it is not only us but also the Iran who praises it.”

The official said that “French President Emmanuel Macron, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and Sultan of Oman have all approached the government of Iran to ease tension.”

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It is to be noted that after the assassination of Iranian military commander Qasem Solaimani in Baghdad on January 3, Pakistan insisted on avoiding further tensions with both the US and Iran.

Two days ago, Pakistan reaffirmed its resolve not to be a part of the conflict in the region and offered to play a role in the ongoing Middle East crisis.

Two days ago, Iran announced that it would no longer comply with sanctions on the nuclear program under an agreement signed with the United States and other world powers in 2015.

It is to be noted that China, Russia, Germany and Britain, besides the US, had signed the agreement.

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