Wednesday , January 29 2020

US refuses to issue a visa to Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif

Javad Zarif

The US has refused to grant Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif a visa to attend a United Nations (UN) Security Council meeting.

The Iranian mission in the UN, however, says it has not yet received any formal information about the US decision to grant a visa to Javad Zarif.

On a question asked about the refusal of a visa to the Iranian Foreign Minister, the Iranian mission in the UN told news reporters, “We have seen reports of such in the media but Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s visa has not been reported in the United States or We have not received any formal notification from the United Nations.”

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The UN Security Council meeting is due on Thursday, January 9th. This will be the first time since Iran’s top military commander Qasem Solaimani was killed in an American drone strike near Baghdad on Friday, January 3, when Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif addresses the international community.

Iranian ambassador to the UN Majid Takht-Ravanchi has appealed to the Security Council to condemn the attack and to take steps to prevent the United States from taking such unilateral action.

The news of Jawad Zarif’s refusal to grant a visa comes at a time when the US Defense Department has separated itself from the threat of US President Donald Trump targeting the Iranian cultural 

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