Monday , June 1 2020

US Women aged 40 flies to Pakistan to marry a man aged 21.

Boundaries and distances are not hurdle in love. A couple proved it today. An american women fell for a Pakistani boy and decided to get married.

Maria Helena Abrams aged 41, married 21-year-old Kashif Ali at a formal ceremony in Sialkot on Thursday night.

The two met on Instagram for the first time and decided to live together for rest of their life.The boy told they have been talking for over ten months now.

Kashif Ali is currently studying in a university and doing inter. She switched from Christianity to Islam and changed her name to Maria. She is studying to become a dog trainer in US.

Maria on Islamabad airport and Kashif Ali went to pick her up from there.

“I am very happy today,” she stated after her wedding. “Kashif Ali is wonderful. I love him and he makes me happy.”

The couple has not yet decided where they will reside.But the couple said that as long as we are together it doesn’t matter where were live.

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