Saturday , May 30 2020

Violence breaks out in Karachi during anti-encroachment operation

Violence broke out in Korangi’s Mehran Town when Karachi Development Authority (KDA) entered the area to bulldoze the encroachments.

Four people are severely injured during the violence including the two employees of Karachi development Authority.

Protesters set four motorcycles and two cars on fire to prevent KDA officials from bulldozing the encroachments. A state agency office was also burnt.

SSP Ali Raza fro korangi informed media that seven people have been arrested in case of the violence in the market.

Although the situation is under control of the police but it is said that more people will be arrested.

For the time being KDA has stopped the anti-encroachment operation and sought protection in the police station.

KDA director remarked, “We are trying to avoid loss of lives and damage to property.”


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