Monday , June 1 2020

‘We have lot to learn from Malaysia’, PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed that Pakistan and Malaysia are facing similar difficulties such as debt situation currently and corruption. 

The heads of both countries discussed common prevailing issues their economy and countries facing.  Foreign direct investment, Privatization, sustainable tourism development and Economic uplift policies were brought to limelight.

In a press statement on Wednesday morning in Putrajaya, Malaysian prime Minister Mahatir Mohammad said that he had been invited to come Pakistan. He is invited as chief guest on 23rd March 2019 during Pakistan day celebrations ceremony.

He further said that we mutually discussed the security of this region and Defense situations f our countries.  He showed interest in making Pakistan a key partner in ASEAN group.

PM Imran Khan expressed that main reason to visit Malaysia was to know  how a country was transformed and has acquired noticeable development since Mahatir Mohammad joined the office.

“We both attained the people’s mandate on an anti-corruption platform,” said PM Khan, adding that they are also both facing similar situations in terms of unprecedented debt. “We have a lot to share.”

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