Thursday , June 4 2020

We need peace in the region and good terms with India: Qureshi

FM, Shah Mehmood Qureshi

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi yesterday sated that we should take advantage of the new environment after the opening of Kurtarpur Corridor. He said this to an Indian journalist at a dinner on November 28.

Qureshi said that many other countries in this region believe that tension between Pakistan and India is holding things back. The only way forward is to sit and talk about the issues.

“Pakistan is constantly struggling and fighting against terrorism for the last 60 years and by far we have lost 75,000 people, wasted countries resources and economy suffered greatly.” The loss is beyond $123 billion, he explained.

He further talked about and stated that I do not need to go down the lane over the Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India. Even in India there are people who are dissatisfied over the Kashmiris situation.

“This is a new environment and we need peace in the region,” the foreign minister said.

Qureshi while taking explicitly stated that we want peace in all our borders, we need to establish good relations with the neighbouring countries. We want to focus on the up gradation in health, education and technology and we have no time to talk about past issues.

Pakistan and India Agreed to work jointly to facilitate Sikh pilgrims through the opening of Kartarpur corridor, this can lead to talks between the two countries.

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