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What is Dark Web? How does it work?

There is another world on the Internet, called the Dark Web. What is the Dark Web? And how does it work? A large number of people don’t know much about this.

The Dark Web is a part of the World Wide Web that requires specialized software to access.

The Dark Web is a world of crime, where even law firms can not reach because there is a lot of money associated with this disgusting business of the Internet.

It is also said that many of the world’s most powerful personalities are connected to this business.

Videos of sex crimes with women, men and children are uploaded here, arms sales, the drug trade is also a part of this business.

It’s like a huge illegal market, activities such as the buying and selling of exploited videos guarantee the existence of the Dark Web.

Ordinary people can’t search for these hidden activities on Google, only people who are part of the Internet crime world or are part of this community can access it. These websites are hidden behind firewalls.

It is estimated that only sixteen percent of the general public’s access to the web site, while the rest is to the Dark web.

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No one can open its website if he is not part of it, even if you open the Dark Web site, you can’t figure out who is running it or what mafia is working behind it.

There are a large number of young people and students using the web because the transaction is invisible and there is no fear of being caught.

Bitcoin is most commonly used in the Dark Web. The sale of drugs, counterfeit passports, or pornographic materials is done through Bitcoin.

Experts warn that the people who are running this business are very dangerous.

A similar case recently uncovered in Pakistan when a rapist caught by Rawalpindi Police and he confessed that he worked for Dark web.

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