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Who brings the “Golden Palki” from India to Pakistan?

kartarpur corridor

Followers of Sikhism from all over the world, including India, have begun arriving in Pakistan to attend the birthday celebrations of the founder of Sikhism Baba Gurunanak Dev Ji.

The birth anniversary of Baba Gurunanak Dev Ji, the spiritual leader of the Sikhs, is celebrated every year in November. Birthday celebrations will continue for ten days.

Every year a large number of Sikh pilgrims from India come to Pakistan to attend the ceremony.

Nearly 3,000 Sikh pilgrims from India have reached Pakistan via Wagah Border on Tuesday, says Imran Gondal, deputy secretary of the Metropolitan Property Board.

According to the officials, accommodation for the pilgrims is provided free of cost to the Sikh pilgrims from India while the pilgrims from other countries are assisted by them staying in different hotels.

According to Imran Gondal, 10,000 pilgrims belonging to the Sikh community will participate in the opening ceremony of the Kartarpur corridor on November 9.

According to him, thousands of people are also expected to attend the main function of Baba Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s birthday on November 12.

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Authorities of the devoted property board say that Sikh pilgrims from India will stay in Pakistan for ten days. The pilgrims will travel to Astana Nankana Sahib on November 6, while they will be taken to Narowal on November 7 for the opening ceremony of Gurdwara Kartarpur. The pilgrims will attend the ceremonies on November 8, while the transit will be held on November 9.

“Golden Palki”

Sikh pilgrims who have arrived in Pakistan from India have also brought a gold Palki with them. Authorities said the Palki was transported to Pakistan via Wagah Borders on October 31, which has been installed at Gurdwara Kartarpur.

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has welcomed the Sikh pilgrims arriving in Pakistan.

Talking to media, Chaudhry Sarwar said that the government of Pakistan had made adequate arrangements for the care of Sikh pilgrims.

Gur Mitt Singh, 40, who arrived in Pakistan via Wagah, says that coming to Pakistan and stopping Nankana Sahib Matha was a dream of his childhood, which will now be fulfilled.

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