Friday , January 24 2020

Why did Fawad Chaudhry slap Anchor Mubasher Lucman? : Inside story

Mubasher Lucman

Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry allegedly slapped an Anchorperson once again, after he slapped journalist Sami Ibrahim at a wedding ceremony, now he slapped tv anchor Mubasher Lucman in a wedding ceremony which made the ceremony disastrous.

At the wedding ceremony of the son of Provincial Minister Mohsin Laghari, the PTI leaders, including Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar and Janjir Tareen, were also present.

Fawad Chaudhry claimed to expose the blackmailer group a few days ago in his Twitter message without naming the anyone on the Hareem Shah case.

Mubasher Lucman interviewed an anchorperson Rai Saqib Kharl on his YouTube channel yesterday, in which guest anchor Rai Saqib claimed that according to Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak, they have a lot of indecent videos of Fawad Chaudry.

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Talking to reporters, private TV anchor Person Mubasher Lucman has said that “Fawad Chaudhry attacked him at a wedding ceremony with his 2 guards. He paid his journalistic responsibilities and exposed the misconduct of the ministers which Fawad Chaudhry had a problem with.”

He requested journalist community to take effective counter-protest strategies otherwise his attitude will uncontrollable. He said that he would also take legal action against Fawad Chaudhry.

Fawad Chaudhry said in his Twitter message yesterday that some so-called journalists have adopted the method to accuse ministers just to of increase likes of their YouTube channel. Such people have no respect for themselves, nor do they understand others. 

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The FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime Wing has been activated, inshallah soon a large blackmailer group will be behind bars. The people behind them have been identified, wait, the full story will be revealed, Fawad added.

Talking in a program Fawad Ch said that Mubasshir said in the program about him, that he has videos of him with Hareem Shah.

when I asked him at the wedding to show me the videos, he said that he doesn’t have any video, then the scuffle happened, Fawad Chaudhry added.

It should be noted that Mubashir Luqman has been releasing videos on his YouTube channels over alleged links with ministers with Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak.

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