Tuesday , June 2 2020

Wife like Sara is a blessing of Allah: Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam

On Birthday, Atif Aslam wishes his wife with an emotional post on social media, Instagram. Moreover, he thanks Allah for such a beautiful blessing of Allah.

On Instagram Atif Aslam quoted the Ayat of the Holy Book, “So, which of the bounties from your Lord will you deny.” After saying the aforementioned Ayat he declared that out of countless bouties of Allah, his wife was the cutest blessing of my Allah.

For years, she has been enduring me with patience.  Thank you for being wife, Atif says.

Before that Atif Aslam has shown his love for his wife on Instagram times and again. In fact, the way of (Atif Aslam) wishing the birthday is awesome.

Interestingly, showing love to the wife is becoming a trend on Instagram nowadays.

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