Wednesday , May 27 2020

Yasir Hussain faces severe criticism on his Objectionable Pics with Iqra Aziz

iqra aziz

Nowadays, Yasir Hussain is enjoying his vacations in Miami with his Fiancée, Iqra Aziz. Both celebrities are sharing their pics on social media platforms with their fans. Where they are amusing with the loveable comments from their fans, a heavy storm of criticism on different objectionable photos is waiting for them.

In one pic, Yasir Hussain is showing his love to his Fiancée by picking her up in his arms and his photo is smeared by the fans of Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain.


Fans are saying that these types of photos are not suitable for our society. Our religion, as well as our society, doesn’t allow to spend time before marriage bonding.

After seeing the criticism on social media, it seems that Yasir Hussain will have to pay through his nose for these objectionable photos.

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