Monday , June 1 2020

Zig Zag Brick Kiln is the only Solution of Smog

Zig Zag Brick

The department of Environment Protection suggests to Punjab Government that Loans must be provided on easy installments for the construction of Zig-Zag Brick Kiln.

Being Pakistani, we all know, Smog is a burning issue in Pakistan. In October and November, Smog envelopes the different big cities of Pakistan. The reasons for smog are industrial pollution and brick kiln.

In Multan, notices are issued 50 factories owing to enormous smoke.

To get rid of smog, brick kilns will be shut down for next month.

However, constructing zig-zag brick kilns is another solution to combat the menace of smog.

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The smog issue has been increasing every year. The main ingredients of smog are smoke and fog. Besides traffic problems, Smog is injurious to health also.

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